Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Testing things out

Well, I am broke now so


Uploaded first VLOG to YouTube about a half hour ago.

Not giving a link out though...it's pretty horrid.

After a couple of months of doing the VLOGs then MAYBE I'll link to one on here but not before then. No sense in posting horribly shot video.

Gaming-wise I've been pretty productive lately; plowed through Halo 4 last night (into this morning) and got all the way thru ep 2 and 3 of the Walking Dead.

Halo 4 = Good but at times felt fragmented in it's overall story

The Walking Dead Ep 1 - 3 =  Fantastic series so far. Based loosely on the comic series of the same name, this game provides great writing; each episode getting darker and darker...and the decisions becoming less and less easy to make.  I would NOT suggest plowing through all of this series in one day though...unless you wanna be thoroughly depressed. Still...depressing mood of the game aside, The Walking Dead thus far is looking to be one of my top played games of 2012.

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