Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Game Giveaway - GONE HOME


If you have a Steam account, enter now! 

Works on Mac/PC/Linux Steam Clients
First three people to @ reply to nscottg on TWITTER get this game

Gone Home is an eerie little game that embraces exploration over blowing crap up. It's sorta like Myst, minus the fantasy the element and annoying as crap puzzles.

The game is short (around 3 hours) but good and honestly I had a fun time with it on a mellow Friday night.

Game made by The Fullbright Company

OK, the rules/fine print

- You must @ reply back to me on twitter, saying you want the game, and be one of the first 3 to do so.

- Steam game giveaway, I gotta know your Steam username so I can gift it to ya. Console giveaway I gotta know which console you want it for, and mailing address. Direct Message me on twitter (nscottg) with your info.

- If you've won once already, your not disqualified from winning again, HOWEVER, if your gonna enter it EVERY DAY, share this post, get more people involved.

-Don't worry about seriously. Unless it's over 40 bucks...just don't worry about it. 

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