Thursday, October 31, 2013


Your still here? The contest/giveaway is over.....go on......go.

No? AH ok.

I'll do a wrap-up post.

For all intents and purposes the Oct giveaways were a lot of fun and I got to spread some spooky joy.

I learned a lot of things doing another giveaway

1 - People will respond to a contest via twitter WAY more then they will if it's posted on Facebook/Tumblr/whatever

2 - If you put "You can win multiple times" people will try to win multiple times...limit it to like 3 times if you ever do a daily giveaway

3 - Steam needs to improve it's gifting process cause seriously, it's RIDICULOUS.  If I had any choice in the matter I woulda just given away the actual steam codes on twitter and not even made a blog explaining the rules and asking people for an email, or that they had to add me as a friend on Steam. Less work for me and people entering = better.

4- People will respond to a Steam giveaway more then a console game giveaway...something about the digital format appeals to everybody more...maybe it's the whole "IMMEDIATE SATISFACTION" / no physical clutter, benefits of Steam.

5 - It's expensive to run a daily giveaway outta your own pocket. I sorta knew this lesson from the Dec giveaway but I think next year I am gonna try really really hard to get steam codes and physical games from the mainstream developers/studios. Indie devs I honestly don't bother asking for codes cause they sell them at such a discount and need the money WAY more year I'll pester mainstream studios for stuff

6-  Random draws...have them for daily giveaways. The most frustrating part of the giveaway is that a lot of people missed winning by mere seconds, and I felt bad.Yes, yes, I know, I am giving free games away, why feel bad? I like for everybody to feel like a winner alright? I am a people pleaser. Next year, If I do 2 or 3 giveaways a day, one of them will be a random drawing.

7 - Amazon Prime is useful to have when giving away console 2-day shipping...YES. NICE

AN that's it. If you participated in the giveaway and read all this, THANK YOU. These giveaways supercharged my Halloween good-mood feelings.

Next year I am gonna do a daily giveaway for every day in Oct...and I am gonna try to include the CP Charity in there somehow like I did for the Dec. giveaways.

Blatant random plug...donate to the Child's Play Charity if you can this season...they are an awesome charity that does awesome things, and they don't tend to pester you for more money after you donate. 

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